Meaningful Connections!
Christian Entrepreneurs need a place to connect and fellowship that provides the opportunity to build relationships with like-minded business owners to support them through their journey.
"Most of us didn't go into business to be alone or lonely. But that's where many of us end up. And when you're a Christian entrepreneur? Sometimes it feels like nobody understands. Your friends at church all have jobs and don't have a clue what it's like to make payroll, and your business friends are typically not believers, and think the answer to everything is more work, not more God. That's why I'm so thankful for the Christian Entrepreneur Hub & Co-working Space." ~ Heston Glenn, Consultant
Virtual Coworking works!
Start experiencing the benefits of a virtual office with other amazing Christian Entrepreneurs!
 Put an end to lonely days as an Entrepreneur!
Build relationships naturally by day-to-day interaction.  When you show up for work every day, you will be surprised at how you can work from the comfort of your home with the "feel" of being in an office.
Be more productive
According to officevibe 64% of coworkers are able to complete tasks on time, and 68% said that they were able to focus better while being part of a coworking space.
Seek God daily for answers for your business and others
Ask your coworking family to pray about specific concerns, and pray and seek God for their needs.  We are seeing amazing results while doing this for each other!
Make more money
50% of coworkers report making more money.  It's amazing what the power of a great community can do to support you in your business.
Get a confidence boost!
90% of coworkers felt more confident while coworking.  As Entrepreneurs we all understand that if you can win the battle in the mind, then you will be successful in business!
Tap into the power of a network of like-minded business owners
Finding like-minded business owners who are also seeking to follow Jesus, in all that they do and say, can be an incredible resource. We are building a powerful group of business owners who put on the mind of Christ, and these people are with you daily!
Seeking Answers
Less depth to connection
Praying for yourself

Combined efforts
Meet and make friends online
Praying for each other
Statistics on coworking source:
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