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Finally, put your business in the spotlight!  We make it easy for you to get hired right away as well as get the support you need to grow your online business (here's how it works!)
Tammy Burke - Online Business Consultant
Hi friends!  
As a consultant for online businesses for over 12 years, I have discovered that having a central place online to connect with faith-minded business owners that allow you to easily get hired and find the help you need can be challenging.

That is why I've created the Joyful CEO Virtual Coworking space.   As Christian Entrepreneurs, let's sow into each other  and watch the fruit that comes from our efforts.  

Check out the benefits below and then join us for a free one week trial to experience it for yourself.  See you soon!
You need to make money in your business.  This is the membership that pays you to be a part of it.
As soon as you sign up you'll have the opportunity to put up a profile on the directory and list services that you can help others with.  Earn $1 for 1 minute of services that you offer - we make it easy for you to offer this introduction to your services without giving everything away for free.  You can quickly help others with challenges they are facing and get paid for it the same day.  We call it the Ask-the-Expert Method, and we can't wait to watch you grow your business quickly and easily in our space. 
An attractive virtual office to inspire you.
This office layout allows you the ability to see who's in the office, and their status at a glance, in an attractive, way and you'll want to be there every day.
You get a private office in the coworking space
This private office space is all yours. The conversations you have, either through audio or video, are private to this space, and you can close the door if you don't want anyone to interrupt your meeting.
You get access to larger online rooms where you can meet with several people at a time
Helpful features like:
- Knocking on the door to ask to join a meeting
- A direct link to each room in the office space that you can grab, and share with whoever you want to meet with, in the space.
Connect in the prayer room
We share our prayer requests and spend time seeking God for each other.  This powerful time is one of the things that set us apart and increases our bond with one another.  
Weekly Friday mixers are a great place to meet new members
Every Friday we meet in the coworking space to get to know a bit more about each other, and talk about things that are on our minds as business owners; ways to be more productive, great marketing ideas, technology and tools - basically, everything that our spouses don't want to talk about with us!
Lunch and Learn meetings twice a week
Learn new skills, and even teach content during our lunch and learn meetings in the community.   At the end of each week, we'll share what next week's training will be so you can plan to attend.
Chat on slack whether you're logged in to the space or not
Chat with everyone or privately chat with other Entrepreneurs in the space with the chat feature.  It's great to use when you want to share some information, but don't have time to talk at that moment.  Stay in the loop on the go.  
Be part of our online directory and searchable database of Christian Entrepreneurs
List your business in our online directory for  Christian Entrepreneurs.  Search other business owners and have full access to edit your profile as often as you want.
Start your free one week trial now.  
Get full access for 5 full business days.  
Each trial begins the following week at 9 a.m. ET on Monday.  
Your free trial includes full access to the coworking space for 5 full days beginning on Monday at 9 a.m. ET.   We look forward to having you join us!
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